Chevy Aveo Glossy White Wrap

Project Aveo Paint Wrap

This poor Chevy Aveo was in an accident and we found a donor for both doors on the passenger side. Unfortunately, the doors were silver.

There were 2 options for changing the doors to white. Drop it off to a body shop to get it painted which can take several days or order some glossy white vinyl film and wrap it, which takes a couple hours including prep time.

This is a great demonstration of how a paint wrap is so effective. Looks just like paint, only easier to apply. No need for clear coat since the film has a built-in laminate finish.

Although the original paint color is white, there is a high probability that the white vinyl will not be an exact color match so I ordered about 10 yards of film to wrap most of the car.

Day 1: Wrap the passenger doors and fender with glossy white from Avery.


Imagine the possibilities of what you can do to your car. Of course, if you decide to do body work to your vehicle, just keep in mind that vinyl sticks best on original clear coated paint jobs.