Ceramic Coating

Chotime Vehicle Wraps offers Ceramic Coating services for your vehicle.  Jaguar ceramic coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

Without getting technical, the best way to describe ceramic coating is a permanent wax for your vehicle.  After waxing your vehicle, water beads and the paint is smooth and shiny.  Dirt has a tough time sticking to the surface and washing your vehicle is a lot easier…up until the wax wears off.  With ceramic coating, the chemicals bond with the clear coat and your car now has permanent hydrophobic properties ranging from 1-8 years with a single layer depending on the coating product you choose.  Also, the more layers, the more protection.

Do I need it for my car?

That depends on how often you maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle.  Rather than spending your entire day off detailing your vehicle, ceramic coated vehicle are much easier to wash.  No more waxing and polishing.  Dirt comes off easier and the paint is more resistant to minor scratches and swirls.

Which product will we use?

xpel fusion plus trioWe use Xpel Fusion Plus Coatings:

  • Fusion Plus Lite – 1-year warranty
  • Fusion Plus Paint & PPF – 4-year warranty
  • Fusion Plus Premium – 8-year warranty

What if my car is wrapped or has paint protection film (PPF) already installed?

The coating can be applied over the film.  Vinyl is porous so the first coat will actually fill in the valleys for an even surface.  Cleaning a wrapped vehicle will be much easier and prolong the life of the material.

Don’t wait until the car is scratched and damaged.

Ceramic coating is a no-brainer.  The up-front cost of this service will pay for itself in the long run.  The longer you wait the more it will cost.  For cars that have existing scratches, paint correction will be required before the coating process.

For more information, contact us for a price quote or consultation.