Suzuki Carbon Hood

Wraps and Paint Protection

Suzuki Carbon Hood

Car wraps are great alternatives to customizing the look of your car without paint or buying new parts. Some common questions people often ask me is if vinyl will cover dents or scratches.

Of course, the short answer is no because wrap vinyl is so thin it acts like a skin and takes the shape of the surface. However, minor chips and hair-line scratches can be hidden underneath the wrap with textured film.

Textured film includes: carbon fiber and brushed metal finishes. The reason is because people tend to stare at the patterns on the wrap vinyl and any chips will not be noticed easily.

Although there are warranty restrictions when the surface does not meet the requirements, some shops will honor an in-house warranty if the film does perform as expected.

From my experience, a few chips here and there will not affect the reliability of the vinyl wrap. As long as the clear coat is in near-perfect condition and the edges are sealed properly, it will be satisfactory.

Customizing your car with wrap vinyl will protect your original paint finish from damaging UV light from the sun and minor dirt and debris from the road. If the rock is large enough, it will go through the vinyl.

3M Scotchgard is a true paint protector that is a clear film that can withstand rocks and debris.