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  • Honda Day Event Pictures

    Honda Day Event Pictures

    Honda Day 2013 featured cars ranging from Civics to NSX’s and everyone was enjoying the drag races, vendors, and even dance-offs. Whether you were there to look at what everyone did to their cars or just enjoying the Honda culture, people had a good time. Of course, I was there getting new ideas and looking…

  • Wraps and Paint Protection

    Wraps and Paint Protection

    Car wraps are great alternatives to customizing the look of your car without paint or buying new parts. Some common questions people often ask me is if vinyl will cover dents or scratches. Of course, the short answer is no because wrap vinyl is so thin it acts like a skin and takes the shape…

  • Plasti Dipped Wheels

    Plasti Dipped Wheels

    Sprayed the wheels with black plasti dip. Gives the car a nice look and it’s peel-able. Car is also wrapped with 3M 1080 Scotchprint Black Carbon Fiber and Matte Orange.