Lexus IS250 Black Detail

How To Wax A Black Car

When you see a black car on the streets, what comes to mind? Some people may think: class, sophistication, elegance, etc… Owning a black car definitely has it’s perks and turns heads when clean but maintaining it is a different story…

Have you ever wondered how to keep your black or dark colored car look like it just came out of the showroom? Most people think detailing a car consists of just washing and waxing. Even though those are the most important steps in detailing a car, special care is required for that “wet look.”

Now, this article isn’t exactly a step by step guide but a way to let people know that owning a black or dark colored vehicle can still look nice even after years of abuse from everyday driving and weather conditions.

If you want to learn how to wax a black car, there are several products out there you can purchase that is specifically designed for black cars. Since the most common problems with dark colored cars are visible swirls and white wax residue, the products are tinted.

In order to achieve maximum results, a 3-4-step process is usually required.

  1. Wash
  2. Clay * (optional)
  3. Pre-Wax
  4. Wax

The end result? A clean, shiny, wet-looking car that turns heads on the streets. The downside? It can take up to 4 or 5 hours of your day and you’ll probably be exhausted halfway though the process. Your microfiber towels and hands will be black as well. But your car will look amazing.

For you DIYers, plenty of videos and resources online. The Turtle Wax Black Box Kit is a great product that I recommend.


Pay someone else to do the dirty work… 😉

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